Thursday, 9 August 2012

Voodoo Chill Out Rice

A quick and tasty veg stir fry.

You need: A chopped onion, 6 small dirty carrots, 12 chopped mushrooms, a half cup of frozen peas, 6 small plum tomatoes, cooked rice, balsamic vinegar, garlic (as you like it), dried chillies, salt and pepper and oil. Use a well oiled wok or better still something non-stick with a lid and chop the veg to suit.

Fry in the usual stir fry order on a hot hob, that's onions oil and all the additives first, don't be mean. Then add the vegetables finishing with the cooked rice (pre-prepared elsewhere or even leftover). Take away from the heat after about 7 minutes and leave with a lid on for another 5 just to let it all come together. Serve immediately.

You can of course add (cooked) meat or whatever things you like towards the end of the process.

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