Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fife diet revisited

By now you all (presumably) get the Fife Diet concept, it's a bit long in the tooth but every so often we have a relapse and go local.  So this meal mainly utilises produce bought at the local farm shop which is conveniently situated in the local farm next door; Bankhead Farm. So ladies and gentlemen I give you:

Cockletrees Sausage & Sweet Potato with Cauliflower Cheese.

Boil and mash sweet potato ( 3 good sized ones will do), add a bit of butter for lubrication.

Cook (beef) sausage in onion (add a shot of Bisto) and lay it in an ashet with the sweet potato.

Boil cauliflower, add a cheese sauce, add grated cheese. Bake in the oven until burny burny.

Serve as per the photo above.

For two lost souls you need: 3 sweet potatoes boiled and mashed in butter, 6 beef sausages, 1 onion, Bisto, 1 cauliflower, cheese sauce (?), grated cheese, seasonings.

Ali's verdict - tasty & filling. Yum.