Sunday, 22 April 2012

Alabama Shakes

Serving Suggestion.

Got the Alabama Shakes? (Not to be confused with the rattlesnake shake or the crap over hyped soul/funk band). Suffering from a red wine/peanut oil and Gin hangover c/w a lack of sleep and a throbbing temple spot? You need some of the early morning Shakes, a simple, quick and not too colourful but easy on the eye feast of carbs and protein to get you back into orbit and onto the M90 once more. The Shakes are on the left here, the other items are French toast and scrambled eggs - you know fine well how to do them so I'll concentrate on the big Ss.

You need: Olive Oil, boiled garlic new potatoes, cold ham, a few cocktail sausages, Worcester Sauce, seasoning.

Heat the oil and frizzle the sausages in a non-stick sauce pan, add the spuds and ham, let it all get hot and sweaty. Add the Big W sauce (carefully and according to your taste). Serve sizzling from the pot with breakfast normals as above or with toast or muffins. Head(s) cleared in 5!