Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tank Commander Pasta

Bill of material: Kraft CP a la Gary, sausage, tomato, seasoning, cheese. Time to cook? 30 mins all in.

Based around the 67p classic Kraft pasta you know and love. Make it up according to the eighteen key words on the box. At the final sauce stage add a chopped up smoked sausage (or chorizo if you're flush), allow a bit of the liquid to boil away. Then lay it out mortician style in a Pyrex dish, add a sliced tomato, pepper and cheesy sprinkles according to taste. Bake at 150 for about twenty. Please ignore decoy banana that bombed the photo.

Here's one I ate a part of earlier.

Maple Sweet Potato

If you don't use sweet potatoes then you should, easy to use (apart from the peeling) and versatile. Here's the deal:

A dish (6 -8) Sweet Potatoes, maple syrup, seasoning, oil, garlic and chili peppers.

Peel the veg, lay in a dish, add a drop or two oil and the rest, drizzle with a decent MS and bake at about 180 degrees for 25 minutes. Mmmm.