Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lessons Learned

The burning pudding
The toasted sandwich
What foodie related things did we learn in 2012? Here's the top ones in no particular order:

Roasted ham with honey and mustard applied is fantastic.
A good turkey sandwich needs to be toasted.
Whisky burns very well on a Christmas pudding.
We need to buy more locally produced meat and vegetables.
Olive bread is great.
Coca-Cola still is the best drink in the world and should really be considered a health drink.
Garlic roasted spuds do the trick.
Salt and sauce or salt and vinegar? We can't quite decide.
French wine every time.
Breakfast biscuits are made by Elves and have magical properties.
Proactive yogurt and fruit smoothie mix well as an invigorating drink.
Dirty carrots are good for you.