Monday, 14 October 2013

Milk Bomb

A lot of people don't really get this, I wonder why? It's a simple recipe for a quick and tasty pick me up drink that's good anytime. No drugs, no potions, no excuses just lots of processed muck rubbing their atoms together to form a creamy and addictive soup of esoteric and misunderstood mass produced dairy products. So if you get protein cravings but are too far away from a tender steak or a deep fried cod to hold your weak flesh together then this is a good fixation busting alternative.

The raw materials are best mixed 50 / 50 and do it in your favourite glass, accept no substitute. OK, half a glass of blue (fat) milk and a pot of Actimel or Vitality (as illustrated) or whatever cheap stuff you've got in a BOGOF offer. Add the yogurt to the milk to get the full bomb effect - the yogurt descends down through the chemical make up of the milk like a none too polite bomb travelling through the clouds heading downwards to hit it's allotted target. Then glug it over and don't hold back. Cheers! If I do nothing else in life at least I'll be remembered as the inventor and architect of the MILK BOMB. I'll go happy on that one thought - if you're listening humanity.

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